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   In many ways ACP is as old as the electronics you are using. The IC started with the integration of a handful of transistors called Small-Scale Integration (SSI), which led to MSI and LSI circuits. The first commercial chips in the 1960-70’s included 930 DTL, old Stewart Warner and GE chips, the 709/741 Linear Op Amp devices and eventually 7400 TTL. In 1970 Intel announced the 1024-bit 1103 dynamic RAM.

   ACP has been around almost as long as the IC as we first started in 1976 selling the GI Pong chip AY-3-8500 and 8008 8-bit CPU chips. We have been known for bringing the best of the old and new technology at realistic prices to everyone from hobbyists, educators, space scientists and some of the largest companies around the globe. Now 30 years later we are pleased to add to our offering vintage computer chips and unique products for serious IC collectors. Please browse, enjoy and hope you come back again for another visit.

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